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Why Badminton Is A Sport For All Age Groups Playo Playo Fuel guage signifies the extent of gasoline obtainable within the tank of a vehicle. Automatic Headlight On characteristic keeps the primary headlamp of the car operating all the time. This improves the visibility of a motorcycle/scooter within the rear-view mirror of vehicle ahead. If […]

Best Coaxial Cables, Adapters and Connectors

LMR400 SEKOSD Wireless

There are plenty of manufacturers producing the helium hotspots, which is why it is important to learn about your hotspot’s adapters, connectors and cables; in case you needed to upgrade your set up by purchasing a new antenna, coaxial cable etc.. to get an optimum outcome and increase your earnings. Coaxial Cables One of the […]

Antenna Selection Guide for Your Helium Hotspot

SEKOSD Wireless Antenna

Antenna selection guide will hopefully help those, who are wondering about the best antenna that reaches out to many hotspots, which antenna will get you more activities, witnesses and increase your earnings? In this Antenna selection guide, we will try to walk you through choosing an antenna for your miner. The helium network is the […]

SEOKSD Wireless Antenna for Helium Hotspot

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SEKOSD Wireless SEKOSD Wireless Antenna has a N-type Male connector and is tuned to operate with peak performance for the US915 or EU868. Also, you could find different type of antenna Omnidirectional/directional:馃敶3dBi馃煛4dBi馃敶5.8dBi馃煛6.5dBi馃敶8dBi We have 100+ miners in Sweden and EU deployed and our antenna outperforms the wideband antenna on the market which we already used […]